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Our core services, regulatory & monitoring consultancy, is all handwork, performed by skilled, local professionals, often with existing relationships at the centres you are now selecting for your project. Our Supporting services and Partner programs complete our service package.

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FCRA supports its clients and CRAs wherever possible, while you work in direct contact with the contracted CRAs.

FCRA maintains the Senior CRA network throughout the year, irrespective of projects being available for a certain area or not. We collect information on Senior Clinical Professionals, such as CRAs, CTLs, Auditors and Trainers, and pre-screen their skill-sets, experience and availibility. This assures us that we can find the right candidate for your project when you need it.

At any point are we more than willing to sign a Confidentiality agreement, after which we assess together if the project Scope of Work has sufficient time allocations. With this information we start a search and selection procedure, leading up to a candidate interview.

Your contract is with FCRA, and we maintain the CRAs under contract. FCRA has the services of contracted CRAs insured under industry specific E&O and PL policies. This is unique for our business model, and a sign of how serious we are with regards to providing you with quality service.

Once a CRA has started on a study we remain in the background, supporting both client and CRA to make the project run smoothly. Our management team is available for occasional CRA line management or in-house clinical knowledge support at no charge. Almost every study adapts along the way, and we help you and the CRA adapt to the changing needs, as they occur.

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